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BlueCap Community Platform

BlueCap Hydro will initiate, sponsor, and manage a virtual/digital marketplace for (international) student exchanges, research projects, internships, voluntary and paid jobs, and participation in projects. The aim is to create awareness amongst future generations for the effects of climate change, promote entrepreneurship and international cooperation, and stimulate further research related to the technology and applications of the BlueCap Hydro Generator and micro hydropower development within a value chain development context. We work closely together with universities, knowledge- and research institutions, as well as with businesses.

In the first half of 2022, we will emit 250 Shares B in our company. Holders of a certificate of a Share B in BlueCap Hydro B.V. have a priority in case more interested persons apply for the same opportunity. If you are interested, please contact


The coming period, among other documents, research articles and website links will be presented under Insights to provide you with further information supporting the mission and vision of BlueCap Hydro. Furthermore, information regarding the applications and background of the projects of BlueCap Hydro can be found here.


BlueCap Hydro is a catalyst and accelerator for the development of micro hydropower projects aligned with the improvement of water and irrigation management and of agricultural production. In Q1 2022, BlueCap Hydro will announce a Series A investment round for the financing of the intensification and growth of the organisation. Further, we have targeted a few projects to invest in for family offices.

For more information please send an e-mail to