We are a manufacturer of innovative Micro Hydropower Technology

Distinctive Selling Points

  • Easy to apply in small infrastructures
  • Low head, low discharge, and low weight
  • Limited civil works, no environmental impact
  • Can be delivered already mounted in a slider with InfraCore technology
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • Long-term performance guarantee (50 years)
  • Capacity range from 55 to 85 KW (current type)
  • Modular and scalable


BlueCap Hydro focuses on electrifying non-powered weirs and dams. Hydropower depends on two main parameters: the head (i.e., the pressure) and the discharge. Therefore, any process implying a water discharge, steady or not, and an unused pressure, is a potential energy source. BlueCap Hydro focuses not only on water conveyance networks dealing with drinking-, irrigation-, raw waste-, and treated wastewater, but also on reserved flows or compensation flows at hydropower dams, discharge canals or pipelines of hydropower plants, drink- and wastewater facilities, and navigation locks and dams. These potentials, for which electricity is not their primary priority, are so called multipurpose schemes. The generated electricity reduces the costs for various stakeholders without effecting the operations of these multipurpose schemes.


System Configuration
The BlueCap Hydro Generator is a very compact hydro-powered generator for energy harvesting at low water height difference and low discharge. The Hydro Generator System consists of the following main components: Generator, Electric Cabinet, No-load (dump) Resistor and Connection Box. The Electric Cabinet comprises both the grid converter for coupling the Generator with an Electric Grid and the controls for a safe and efficient operation of the System. The capacity range, including the fish friendly type, lies between 50 and 85 KW.

The Integrator is integrated in a river barrage or in a pipe and is fully submerged. The Connection Box is connected to the Generator via three phase cables and is placed as close as possible to the Generator, although not in the water. The Electric Cabinet is also electrically connected to the Connection Box via three phase cables and is placed close to the (public) grid to which the generated electricity is supplied. The Dump Resistor is electrically connected to the Electric Cabinet via three phase cables and can be located at any suitable place. The pictures below display the four main components.

The diameter of the Hydro Generator (with flange) is 1450 mm, the height is 565 mm.

The weight is 1760 kg (stainless steel version). The capacity range is between 55 and 85 kW.

The diameter of the Hydro Generator (with flange) is 1450 mm, the height is 565 mm.

The weight is 1760 kg (stainless steel version). The capacity range is between 55 and 85 kW.

A Unique Combination

The mounting of the Hydro Generator can take place in a glass fiber enforced composite slider produced by InfraCore B.V. These sliders are ten times stronger and ten times lighter than steel, so the combination can be more easily lifted and transported in case of weather calamities. The InfraCore sliders do not require any maintenance and their technical life is guaranteed for 100 years. The Hydro Generator & InfraCore slider combination will be exported from the Netherlands and can be easily installed at the development location.

Ongoing Development

The engineering team is currently developing a Hydro Generator without taking fish-friendliness into account, which leads to larger generation capacities. Also, Hydro Generator designs with different diameters and alternative bearing configurations are under development. Different designs are needed to accommodate improved installation in pipes, and to increase flexibility regarding different flow and head conditions.

Strategic Partners

Sioux Technologies
BlueCap Hydro and Sioux Technologies have entered into a cooperation agreement for the manufacturing and further development of the BlueCap Hydro Generator. BlueCap Hydro and Sioux have established a joint venture, BlueCap Bustos, for the development of hydropower projects in the Philippines. Sioux Technologies supports high tech companies not only in the realization and acceleration of new product development, but also offers support for the improvement of mechanical and electrical robustness.

BlueCap Hydro and InfraCore have entered into a cooperation agreement for the installation of BlueCap Hydro generators in stop-locks, sliders and valves made form glass fiber enforced composite based on the disruptive InfraCore® technology. The structures are cost-efficient, light, and extremely strong. In 2019, InfraCore B.V. and BlueCap Hydro B.V. reached a mutual exclusive agreement for the BlueCap Hydro mounting application in a glass fiber enforced gate or stop-lock with InfraCore technology.

G.A.A. Delgado Inc. & Tamoin

Two operating companies of G.A.A. Delgado Incorporated (GAAD) are strategic partners of BlueCap Hydro. Tamoin Industrial Services Corp. (TISCO) is providing engineering, procurement and construction and operational services to power companies and utilities. Bohol Power and Energy Corporation (BPEC) is incorporated by GAAD to develop renewable energy projects. BPEC and BlueCap Hydro have a corporation agreement for the development of micro hydropower projects in irrigation infrastructures.

Invest International

Invest International is the Dutch Promotional Institute and is a joint venture between the Dutch Ministry of Finance (51%) and the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank FMO (49%). Invest International helps businesses, governments, and investors to finance and develop impactful projects that contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Project Selection Criteria

Involves local (indigenous) communities or municipalities

Contributes to climate adaption and resilience

Must be economic viable on its own merits

Must be institutional embedded

Must be financeable

Preferably part of a multipurpose scheme

Fits in one of the applications

Must be duplicable and scalable

Preferably part of a value chain
      development description

Contributes to UN SDG (and compliant with ESG)

How We Work

For selected countries, we start with researching publicly available market information and consulting our local partners. We build relationships with the relevant Government Departments and Agencies. We cooperate with international and domestic institutions, universities and NGOs and initiate field studies and workshops with local and agricultural communities to identify and assess hydropower potentials in multipurpose schemes and apply classical value chain methodology. We integrate hydrological and hydropower management models and climate scenarios with electricity scenarios.

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