A core value of BlueCap Hydro is that
projects must be economical viable
on its own merits

BlueCap Hydro

BlueCap Hydro is a manufacturer of innovative and integrated micro hydropower generators, an initiator and co-developer of micro hydropower projects and if needed a capital markets advisor for infrastructure and renewable energy projects. A core value of BlueCap Hydro is that the projects must be economical viable on its own merits.

Currently, many mini hydropower projects use solar and wind as their renewable sources, whereas the BlueCap Hydro Technology relies on water instead. In comparison to the use of solar and wind as renewable sources, our Technology offers non-negligible benefits such as lower cost of installation (with equal installed capacity), higher reliability, higher energy production and more intensity and consistency over time. The Technology has the great advantage of ensuring operational flexibility and enhancing the possibility of storing energy and managing electricity generation. It increases the reliability of the electric system, acting as ancillary service. This is a fundamental characteristic of the BlueCap Hydro Technology, especially with the increasing development of intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and photovoltaic.

How We Work

For selected countries, we start with researching publicly available market information and consulting our local partners. We build relationships with the relevant Government Departments and Agencies. We cooperate with international and domestic institutions, universities and NGOs and initiate field studies and workshops with local and agricultural communities to identify and assess hydropower potentials in multipurpose schemes and apply classical value chain methodology. We integrate hydrological and hydropower management models and climate scenarios with electricity scenarios.
We concentrate on large watersheds and river basins, main irrigation and water conveyance systems and areas with intensive agricultural production.

We analyze the SHP run-of-river powerplants in the country and select locations where the BlueCap Hydro Technology can make a difference.
Irrigation Associations and Agricultural are preferably our off takers of the generated electricity. We aim on connecting various actors in the agricultural and drinking water value chain to reduce costs and carbon footprints, while at the same time also achieving higher productivity and product quality.

The process is not about one way information dissemination but rather built around the idea to learn from each other. We involve local communities and our local partners in the operational management of the micro hydropower facilities (with the necessary funds and support).