Our Projects

Projects under development or study can be found on this page

Irrigation Projects

Through a long-term lease agreement between Bohol Power and Electric Corporation (BPEC) and the owners and operators of various irrigation infrastructures in the Philippines, BlueCap Hydro Generators will be installed (mounted) in stop-locks of weirs in irrigation canals.

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Vineyard Projects

In collaboration with a Dutch wine import company and Italian and Iberian wine producers, we explore potential projects to electrify and improve irrigation infrastructures in order to reduce the costs of water and electricity.

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Small Hydropower Run-of-River Installations

Together with a leading Philippine run-of-river hydropower developer and operator, a project has started to install one or more BlueCap Hydro Generator(s) in the tail race of one of its power plants.

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Remote areas

In South Africa we have started a pre-FS for delivering renewable electricity to a sawmill owned by a eucalyptus forestry company located in the Tzaneen Province. The aim is to construct a run-of-river micro hydropower facility without a powerhouse, near the Great Letaba river.

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European Potential

We select small hydro run-of-river plants in European countries that are old and nonfunctional. We approach the operators and owners of these facilities and introduce our technology. If warranted, we can offer various financial solutions for the upgrading of the facilities.

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Large Hydropower Facility Projects

We have started a feasibility study to explore the operational benefits of the integration of the BlueCap Hydro Technology in the penstock and spillway of a large Hydroelectric Power Plant. The installed capacity equals 46 MW and is situated near Manila.

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